Unique Life Story

Rediscover the 60 years of the idol’s career and life, through amazing content richly illustrated with photos and anecdotes. And in each issue find an exclusive gift.

Life Story Journal Collection

Life Story Journal

60 years of passion transcribed in a magnificent Life Story Journal, filled with stories and memories!

Learn all about the career and life of the French idol.

Collect each journal to relive the highlights of the French Elvis year after year!


In each issue a gift is offered in addition to the Life Story Journal. And also, discover exclusive gifts reserved only for subscribers.

Quality images and content to pay tribute forever!

Nos années Johnny is…

80 Life Story Journal, available every two weeks at your newsagent. Or directly on our site and receive 3 issues every 6 weeks.

Bring “Le Taulier” to life, with details of an entire year of his life in each issue.

A previous of every steps and progress in Johnny’s life.

Quotes from the media at the time.

Details on each of his albums from Gang to Derrière l’Amour through by Rester Vivants!

Exclusive gifts.

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